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By: Larry Magill 

Tampa Bay Smart Home Trends, Feb 27, 2015


Tampa Bay Area, including the area gulf coast beaches has seen an increase in new homes and remodels. Some are saying goodbye to granite and hello to new materials such as tempered glass, ceramics, nanotech materials, wood, stainless steel and tile. The same trends are seen within the entertainment of home. Before, the must have in a lager home was an intercom system that played music. Also, having an ipod dock was a necessity. With innovation over the past 3 years, thanks to our friends at Pandora, Netflix, Apple, Sonos, Bose, Savant, and the IPAD the Smart Home has come along way. There, are many innovations that come to mind.  The question is “What impacted the industry the most has to be the Apple Ipad and Iphone. The app world has changed the way we live. Today, almost every manufacturer has an app to control their device. Change the volume, dim the lights, increase temperature, or change the music station while out by the pool with a FREE app which costs $$$$ prior. Some of these apps are NOT 100% reliable as it is FREE, but works in most cases. Savant however has proven to be the reliable app with a 99% approval rating. While others try to work, Savant just works.


Bose App PictureAccording to a survey conducted by ERA Real Estate and HGTV, nearly half (46 percent) of consumers believe it is important to have audio throughout or at least a place to put their Flat Screen TV on the wall.  This trend in notable in within the new homes being built as well. Standard Pacific Homes has revamped the way they are building homes today – including an open floor plan with a Bonus room. A recent article posted on redfin shows smart home a “Smart Choice” when remodeling for resale value. Thus, giving a reason to invest into or purchase a smarter home with such systems installed. Thanks to this trend, families today are getting so much more out of they way they live with enjoyment of music throughout their home. A system called Savant can instantly play your favorite music track, dim the lighting to activating the fire place with a click of a single Scene button. Other systems such as Bose-for audio, Lutron-for your lighting, or the Nest- for your HVAC. These stand alone apps gives you functionality control based on preference and budget. A Savant is the big brother the bunch while the others are able to control only their respective areas such as audio, lighting, HVAC, or security

Savant ipad

There are so many systems, but one single control for it all. Don’t worry about multiple remotes or a how to cheat sheet, our company Smart Home Services can simplify it by condensing the remotes while maximizing the audio, video, security, and lighting possibilities.

A recent article by Forbes Magazine, says that our industry is currently a 4 Billion dollar industry. By 2017, this number will climb to 10 Billion. Due to the recent volume in requests from our clients, we see this to be true and real. Hense, the trend of the smart home era is here and strong.

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Our company Smart Home Services LLC provides both products and installation services to lighting, audio/video, HVAC, and Security.

  • Home Automation
  • CCTV security cameras
  • TV mounting
  • Audio systems and installation
  • TV, projector, receiver, speaker, and other electronics sales


Our ability to cater to a customers needs and distinguish what the goal is, actually is our specialty. We are NOT salesman looking to make money, rather we are a group of electronic-philes whom love what we do. We look at our selves as your consultants for life. Our knowledge base and attention to detail prove why we are the highest rated(sounds cocky-but glad to say this) thanks to our clients. We strive to be the best by listening to and serving our clients.


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Smart Home Tampa

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